Referral Consultation
The Neurospinal & Medical Institute is keen to establish a referral network

The Neurospinal & Medical Institute is keen to establish a referral network with doctors and surgeons within this region. If you have a patient whom you consider a possible candidate for Gamma Knife or Radio surgery whole body, you may :

1. Send your patient's MRI, CT or Angiogram films together with the enclosed Consultation Form to us as soon as possible. For your convenience, we can also make travel arrangements right to the center and hotel accommodation in Karachi. We will discuss your patient's condition to assess suitability for Gamma Knife treatment / Radiosurgery for other parts of body and will notify you of our findings within the next 24 hours. If your patient is accepted for treatment, we will give you the proposed date of the treatment and other necessary details.

2. If you would like to discuss your patient's case before sending the consultation form, you are most welcome to call us directly by phone (92-21) 32259959, 32258848 or send a fax to (92-21) 32230310. Dr. Mubeen Memon or Medical Director of the Neurospinal & Medical Institute, Doctor A. Sattar M. Hashim, Cell # 0333-2370585 would be happy to discuss your patient's case with the neurosurgeons and oncologists here at the centre. We also welcome the referring doctors to participate in the joint management of their patient during treatment at the centre.

Cost of Treatment and Payment

The treatment cost Rs.4,00,000/- Gamma Knife, Rs. 4,00,000/- Radiosurgery for other parts of body and image guided radiotherapy cost of Rs. 4,00,000/- (no accommodation) and this includes surgeon/radiologist fee, MRI fee and a day's treatment at the Centre. A deposit / pay-order for the treatment cost should reach the Centre / Neurospinal & Medical Institute one week prior to treatment to ensure booking for the treatment. Payments to be in pay-order / bank draft / telegraphic transfer to :

Payee : Neurospinal & Medical Institute

Bank : Allied Bank Limited
M. A. Jinnah Road, Taj Complex Branch
(0721) Karachi.

Account # 0120000317

Consultation Form To Be Completed By Neurosurgeon/Consultant Specialist
I have seen the following patient and would like to refer the patient for Gamma Knife treatment / Radiosurgery of body, Radiotherapy. The details of the patient is as follows:

Name of Patient
Date of Birth
Clinical History & Findings
History of Previous Surgery Radiotherapy
Concomitant Medical Illness (if any)
Name of referring doctor
Hospital/Medical Centre
Preferred date(s) of treatment





Instructions to the neurosurgeon/consultant specialist

Please fax this completed form to Medical Director Neurospinal & Medical Institute.

Original of this form and the MRI/ANGIO/CT films are to be mailed at the following address.

The Medical Director
Neurospinal & Medical Institute

100/1, Depot Lines, Mansfield Street, Saddar,
Karachi - 74400, Pakistan.
Phones : 32259959, 32255289
Fax : (92-21) 32230310
Cell # 0333-2370585



100/1, Depot Lines,
Mansfield Street, Saddar
Karachi-74400, Pakistan.



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